Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before and Afters Day Three.....

Good morning!

It's a busy day as I have a class this afternoon. I'll be sure to post the cards that we make here early next week but for now, it's day three of the before and after shots of our home....

The most memorable part of looking at the house the first time was the was awful. I would breathe through my mouth while covering part of it for fear that a bug would fly in! I finally started carrying room spray with me when we would come over and walk through it. It was only after we finally got the house that I found part of the culprit of the smell....a rotting onion in a kitchen cabinet. It was an experience I'd rather not have to re-live again!

Unfortunately, we were left with a lot of garbage from the previous owners so clean up was a huge job. Here is the state the kitchen was left in....

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Left After

Kitchen Right After

I just snapped these pictures last night and had to take two because I chose the world's biggest refrigerator when we moved in. But in my defense, it didn't look that big in the store! While the kitchen has not been remodeled we do have plans to do so eventually. I find myself in there a lot these days as I do more cooking and baking and can't help but think of the other women before me that stood in the same place. I can imagine the original owner smiling as she prepared a meal for her family in her brand new kitchen in 1956....and that makes me smile too....even when I'm hand washing my dishes!

Have a good day!

Many Blessings,


  1. It is very hard to even picture what the house looked like before you started cleaning and painting. I think the smell was the worst. There was so much garbage everywhere.It is unbelievable at how much you and Chris have done. Now it seems like a home.Keep up the good work.


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