Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 To-Do List....

What is it about a new year that fires you up to get some things done that you've been putting off? I have a growing list of things I'd like to try and/or complete in 2011 and thought the added accountability of listing it here would do me some good! Here is my list in no particular order....

1. Clean off the top of the refrigerator
2. Scrapbook 2010 events
3. Fill my card box with cards to have on hand for various occasions
4. Add wall art above the bed in the master bedroom
5. Thin out books on the living room book shelf and add a few decorative accents
6. Buy a king size coverlet for the bed so that Chris and I will stop wrestling each other for covers
7. Plant some flowers for the spring and summer
8. Deep clean and organize the studio
9. Completely empty my closet, donate clothing that's unflattering or no longer fits and only put back things that I will wear.
10. Find a storage solution for gift wrap

There you have it.....even just making the list makes me feel better! Now who's up for keeping me on track? :o)


  1. Best of luck with getting your list completed, Melissa!! (My list is so long, I dare not post!) Happy New Year!! Hugs!!

  2. An exellent list ! Some sound a little easier than others. What kind of wall art are you thinking of? Ross is a great place those sorts of things.


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