Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too Early?

Valentine Card 2008

Valentine Card 2009

Valentine Card 2010

Treat Box 2010

February 2010

Is it too early to move into Valentine's Day crafting and decorating?


  1. LOL...whether it is or not....everyone's doing it! :)

    I love all the cards...but you probably already knew that!

  2. I love your cards they are just so pretty!! I dont have too much valentines decor but I say what the heck if your ready to get it out then get it out. have a good day!


  3. Not at all. It is all over blogland.. and Love is in season year round!

  4. Not too early - gorgeous cards, M. Your table looks to pretty.

  5. It is all dreamy and beautiful. I just adore Valentines Day decor' Melissa. You've inspired me.

    Happy day sweet friend!
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  6. It's never too early :)

    p.s. The link that I posted is working now :)

  7. Hello, I'm thinking about your question Melissa. That's a tough one.

    I think I would donate the gifts you cannot use. Unless you feel that the person will wonder and know they are not displayed in your home. Overall, I don't think that you should feel obligated though. It is your home after all and we should be comfortable there. I have no idea if I helped you. Lol!

    Happy day sweet friend!
    ~Melissa :)


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