Monday, January 31, 2011

Paper Rose Tutorial....

Ooops! It took me a whole lot longer to get the paper rose tutorial done than I originally anticipated! Here are the steps by step instructions....

The base of the roses begin with a circle. In this case, I used a 2 in circle but you can adjust the size of the rose based on the size of the circle you use.

Using scissors cut around the circle in a swirl pattern.

Fold the outside edge from the beginning to the end.

Turn the circle over.

Begin twisting the edge of the paper inward making sure to keep the folded edge folded.

Adhere the bottom with a strong adhesive. I used Stampin' Up! sticky strip to secure mine.

I hope this helps! I suspect you could use these instructions with other kinds of paper and get the same results....crepe streamers, tissue paper and maybe even some fabrics.....

Have a good afternoon!


  1. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! They are very cute!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial! I'm going to try these this morning. So cute and pretty!!!

  3. Wonderful tutorial, Melissa!! Thanks!! Your roses are absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Thank you for the tutorial!! Your roses are gorgeous!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I just made 2 and going to make my 3rd, but thought you should know I LOVE IT!!! :)


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