Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn Blessings.....

Ah....the changing of seasons is definitely upon us!

I'm hoping to get the rest of my Autumn/Fall decor out some time this week but even if I don't, I smile every time I walk passed this little blessings sign. I love how it blends nicely with my existing decor and even more importantly how it reminds me of all that I've been blessed with. Have you stopped and looked around at your home lately? Really truly looked? We are SO blessed!

And in celebration of the season, I happily made a darker toned birthday card for my father in law's birthday. I hope you don't mind celebrating this particular season with me because there's a lot more to come!

Have a good day!


  1. What a great sign. I haven't taken out my autumn decorations yet. It still feels too hot so I will wait a couple of more weeks. Look forward to seeing more of your creations.


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