Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ribbon Wreath.....

It's FINALLY done!

I've been wanting to create a ribbon wreath for a long, long time and after following Erin's tutorial and a whole lot of procrastination, it's finally complete and hung up.....

I realize that you are not getting a full on shot of it but I'm still in my pajamas and didn't want to take away from the wreath by making you look at me in my please forgive me!

Even with all of the finger burns it was well worth the effort! :)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Very classy and beautiful. You have such good taste. Looks like a lot of work, though.

  2. Wow...your wreath looks amazing, Melissa!! I love it!!

  3. It was certainly worth the wait!! It turned out gorgeous!!! I LOVE the colors you used. :)

  4. Oh and if you makes you feel any better...I started a Christmas one that year...two Christmas have now passed and I STILL have not finished it. LOL

  5. Coming over to find your ribbon wreath! Love it! and love that you could do whatever colors you wanted according to the season or your decor.



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