Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Fall.....

Am I the only one who is longing for fall?


  1. Me too! I love the new fall card. Gorgeous creation Melissa.

    Thanks for liking my new design. Jenn does a great job as you know. I still adore yours.

    Grab my new butterfly button if you would like.

    Warmly, ~Melissa

  2. Beautiful card. And yes, I am longing for Fall. Never thought I'd say that because I so longed for Summer. But it's been hot for too long. 100 degrees yesterday.

  3. At my age, I hate to rush things. But that is such a beautiful card I feel the Fall coming! :D
    When schools start here and it cools off, then I'll feel like Fall. I did go and buy my annual Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath candle. That's a sure sign.

  4. No m'am you are not! I love summer, and warm weather, but I love all that Fall has to offer. Beautiful card as always.

  5. No way, we are scorching down here in the south. Beautiful card.

  6. Melissa my new button was messed up and Jenn has fixed it. Can you stop by and pick up the new one instead? Sorry for the trouble.

    Thanks! ~Melissa

  7. Thanks Melissa! Yes, it looks great. It had a crooked look to it before.

    Have a great weekend.


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