Saturday, May 7, 2011

Will this be the Year?......

Will this be the year that I don't think through nursery plans and birthday party themes?

Will this be the year that I wake up on Sunday morning and not dread the "Happy Mother's Day!" greetings from well meaning church members at the door?

Will this be the year that I don't gaze upon the beautiful face of a child and feel the ache of empty arms?

Will this be the year that I don't think through the 1 Samuel words about Hannah...."and the Lord remembered her"?

Will this be the year that I'm able to focus on how blessed I am to have a mother who accepts me unconditionally instead of wishing the day would just be over?

It's not my intention to bring about words of sympathy because of this post but to shed some light on how difficult tomorrow is for tens of thousands of men and women. Loss of any kind is a difficult road to travel and one that can be lonely even when you are surrounded by others. I pray for those who will never experience the love at first sight of seeing your newborn. I pray for those who have endured the devastating loss of a child. I pray for those who have children and neglect them. I pray for those with adult children who have left the home in a less than ideal way. And I pray that tomorrow you will kiss your babies just a little more often, hold your momma's in an embrace just a little bit longer and show just a little more kindness to those who are in a battle of heart wrenching proportions.

Will this be the year?


  1. Beautifully written, M. My daughter lost her baby so many years ago and has not had another and it still is an ache in her heart. Sending you a big hug.

  2. Good point Melissa! The ads make it look all-inclusive, don't they? You make me more thankful by your thoughtful comments.

  3. Unsure what to say SO I LOVE YOU!


  4. I certainly don't have the right words for you my dear friend! But my heart aches for you and so many others like you.


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