Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week Four - Adding Tender Moments.....

Have you ever gotten up on a Tuesday morning and wondered what happened to Saturday, Sunday and Monday? That's exactly what I did this morning! It was a total blur and I completely forgot to check Women Living Well for this week's challenge!

With my candle lit and soft music playing, I sat down this morning and thought about how different my experience may be from most of the participants of this challenge. Here are my thoughts.....

I have been married for almost 16 1/2 years and we are childless. While I would rather not be defined in those exact terms, it is the truth. But does this mean that there isn't an opportunity for me to create special moments in our home? Absolutely not! In fact, I believe that Chris and I share an intimacy that most couples don't get to experience until after their children are gone. I do many things daily to show my husband how important he is to me because the only guarantee we have in this life is that we will not be around forever. I choose to embrace that and do what I can right now....it's one of very few things that I don't procrastinate about!

On any given day you may find me making his lunch, hanging up every piece of clothing he owns because he prefers that over having things folded in a drawer, running our family errands like banking and grocery shopping so that he doesn't have to worry about it, watching him play his favorite video game, listening to him play his guitar(s) and/or simply putting down what ever project I may be working on to spend time with him. It's in these little things that he knows without question that I love him.

What have you done lately to show your love?

PS - My giveaway is still open to all who would like a chance to win!


  1. Melissa, your husband is blessed. Sounds like you are a wonderful wife to him. Thank you for sharing a little bit about your life today.

    I've been married for over 17 years, and our first son was born just a month after our first year anniversary. I feel that we are just now getting to enjoy some quality one on one time together as our children seem to be blossoming into themselves and off doing fun things they enjoy.

    Enjoy your time together. Your so right. Many do not get that until their children are grown. Some never get it at all due to not being able to nurture their own marriages and things break apart.

  2. Hi Melissa!
    Yes, your situation is completely different from mine! I would love to treat my future husband like you do!
    What are you doing to have some time for yourself?



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