Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stitched Stockings....

Oh how neglected my poor blog is! I appreciate those of you who still stop by here when I post something....goodness know my posts are few and far between these days. There's something about a best friend being diagnosed with cancer that makes you see your life in a different light and then suddenly it's 8 months later and you know you'll never be the same. That's how things are for me now...

On a positive note, I stamped! I had a downline meeting with a sweet friend a few weeks ago and we swapped cards. Here's the one I made for her:

I used the Stitched Stockings from the mini catalog from Stampin' Up!. It's super cute and very versatile!

Thanks again for stopping by and have a good afternoon!


  1. Very cute card! I understand having lost a good friend to breast cancer two years ago. It really makes you stop and think about the gift of health and life.

  2. I am always delighted when I see your posts show up in my Reader because I know that I am about to enjoy some wonderful stamping. Hope your friend is doing ok. Love your card.

  3. Your cards are always gorgeous Melisa. You are such a wonderful friend. I'm sure she loves you dearly!

  4. I think that's the beauty of Google Reader, posts just show up like a nice little wrapped gift...even if they are few and far between. :)

    I hope we all feel the same....a friend is a million times more important than a blog!! So take care of your friend without guilt!

    This card is gorgeous! Possibly my favorite one to date. But who knows...all your cards are gorgeous. I saved back one of the little pumpkin "baskets" you sent me last year and have it sitting on a shelf. It makes me smile every time I look at it, it's so beautiful.

  5. You have your priorities right where they should be, my friend. ♥ This is such an adorable card with such great texture and darling stockings!! I love it, Melissa!!

  6. Love this clean and pretty card! The row of brads are the perfect embellishment.

    So happy you popped in at my blog today, Melissa! I too have a very close friend just diagnosed with cancer. Your love for your friend is inspiring and so special.


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