Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A birthday, anniversary and the beach.....

Hi all!

We've celebrated some special occasions around the Kaufman household over the last few days and I wanted to share them with you.....

Friday was Chris' 40th birthday! I have a hard time believing that I'm old enough to be married to someone who is 40, but that's my issue and not his as he still tells everyone he's only 28! :o) I'm not quite sure how old he is in this picture, but I love it.....

And here he is celebrating his special day.....

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a quick over night stay in Lincoln City, Oregon. I don't think I've shared this particular shot before.....

Honestly, I don't know how people can live anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest.....we are SO close to everything....the big city (Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington), the mountains (Mt. Hood) and the entire Washington and Oregon Coast. Seriously, how can you resist a view like this?

I can't!

I'll be back tomorrow with the cards I made for the occasions and a bonus card because it turned out so pretty.....

Have a good evening!


  1. Belated Birthday Blessings to Chris and Anniversary Blessings to you. Loved the wedding photo. I miss the beauty of the Northwest but I have found the Midwest has a beauty of its own. Not dramatic like the Northwest, though. Miss the water and mountains. And of course, my family.

  2. Good pictures. Congratulations.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! And Happy Belated to Chris! I'm glad you took a little mini vacation to celebrate. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed the photos! And I can't believe I somehow never knew that you lived out that far! I'm not exactly sure where I thought you were from, but I thought it was closer to the Midwest! I've never been out that way, but hope to see that part of America one of these days.



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