Friday, June 25, 2010

Captivate Your Husband....Our Dating Story.....

July 1993

I'm terribly behind on this post, so I apologize upfront! With all of the changes going on, I've gotten a little out of sorts but I think I'm back on the straight and narrow...

In keeping with the Completing Him Challenge, I'm sharing our dating story today!

I had just graduated high school after a very long year. My high school sweetheart had broken my heart by deciding we no longer fit each other. To say that I was a mess is a HUGE understatement! There's a reason that God designed us to love only one person as intimately as you do your spouse but not being a Christ Follower, I had no idea why that was.

Chris and I were matched up to walk down the isle together in a mutual friend's wedding. We met for the first time a few weeks before the actual ceremony and the attraction was instantaneous. I remember leaving the rehearsal smiling from ear to ear because he was so charming!

The day of the wedding we walked down the isle together and have not parted since! I knew there was a God, but I had not asked Him to be my Savior. Chris led me to Christ in late 1993 and we were engaged by early 1994. I suspect it probably took our friends and family by surprise when we announced our plans, but I knew he was the one. I went into that day wanting nothing more than to be his wife and 16 years later, I still get the butterflies in my stomach when he pulls into the driveway after a long day away from home.

I'd like to catch up on the challenge before Monday so that I'm completely back on track so I'll be posting some of our wedding photos over the weekend.

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  1. A beautiful sweet story, Melissa!! I love that photo of you both as well!!


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